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Tradition in the Gasthof Sempt

As a hotel with a history of tradition, it is important to us to maintain such traditions.


Clubs and other organsations are always warmly welcomed by us and we strive to maintain such links with the local population.


Our shooting club has enjoyed a long history

and enjoys great popularity eachs year. Here we find, old and young alike, pusuing this traditional hobby.


Each week we play host to the traditional Bavarian game of cards called „Schafkopf“. This has been played every week for years and with each new generation, brings a new generation of player.


We are also called ” Musicians friendly inn” proud of our musical events, such as Hoargartn , pub singing, Oidboarisches weekend and look forward each of the many visitors to the musical festivities.

Tradition bei Gasthof Sempt

A summary of our clubs and organisations:


– Shooting club Sempt E.V.
Shooting evening each Saturday evening from November until March.

Shooting range in the converted barn. “Böllergruppe” meet on the first Wednesday of each month.


– Magic circle Moosburg/Landshut E.V.
Club meeting every second Wednesday in the month starting from 19:00


– Goldwinger
Club meeting every first Monday in the month starting from 19:00


–  Angling club of TSV Kronwinkl


– Schafkopfen (Bavarian card game)
every Sunday evening