Telekom Vertrag handy login

06 Aug Telekom Vertrag handy login hat das renommierte Trusted Shops Gütesiegel erhalten, das unseren Kunden einen umfassenden Käuferschutz garantiert. Mehr als 100 Einzelkriterien aus unterschiedlichsten Bereichen haben die Experten von Trusted Shops bei überprüft und für erfüllt befunden. Wir erreichen so die höchsten Ansprüche an Bonität, Sicherheitstechnik, Preistransparenz, Informationspflichten, Kundenservice sowie Datenschutz. Fühl dich als Kunde bei Handy Deutschland sicher und gut aufgehoben. Hier kannst du lesen, was unsere Kunden über uns sagen: Bewertungen Handy Deutschland. In a normal world, in a fucking normal society, there would be laws to protect the consumer. Such a case would be a legitimate reason to cancel a fucking abusive 2-year contract that is made à l’aveugle, when the customer: P.S. Not to mention that, as long as I don’t want LTE, I don’t need a contract. For the same monthly fee (19.90… 19.99 €), Ortel can offer me quite similar conditions: “Allnet Flat M” offers unlimited calls (“flat rate”) to all German networks and 1.5 GB high-speed data (limited to 21.6 Mbps though), and “Smart 500” offers 500 minutes in Germany and 19 countries (unlimited only in E-Plus/O2) and 1 GB high-speed data (3G-only). My current Magenta plan offers me unlimited calls (“flat rate”) to all German networks and 1 GB high-speed data (possibly LTE, I have no idea and I don’t care, I don’t own and don’t need a 4G phone). The data can be renewed at Ortel for 6 € (both Allnet Flat M and Smart 500), a decent price for an extra 1.5 GB or 1 GB. What are the advantages of a contract then?!? This is simply unbelievable.

I’m about to have a nervous breakdown because of this shit called “’s mobile network”… but I can’t cancel the contract until December or January! All the risks are on the customer, no risk is on Telekom! And they certainly won’t acknowledge that their cell towers are buggy–their best possible reaction might be along these lines: “oh, but no customer using an iPhone or a recent Samsung Galaxy ever complained about that, don’t you want a 2-year extension to the contract, with a special price for an iPhone?” Like most if not all mobile phone contracts, this one I’m using was signed with for a minimum mandatory period of 2 years. When I moved here, what I needed was a fixed line with an Internet connection, but their Magenta something offer included a separate smartphone offer, and we were dumb enough to accept it too. First of all, I knew Telekom is going to be a bad choice. Their integration of the Festnetz and Mobilfunk sections of the online Kundencenter simply doesn’t exist: there are two distinct sections (Kundencenter Festnetz and Kundencenter Mobilfunk), and there’s even a different Kundennummer for each one–despite the unique login. Moreover, once a Rechnung has been issued, there’s no way I could tell why my Mobilfunk Rechnung is not 19.95 €, but more than that–although I usually know: they somehow manage to bill a SMS (which should be free) as a MMS, at an exorbitant rate of 0.39 € apiece.